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Exploring the Creative Process: A Butterfly Wars Artwork and Video Game Brainstorm with Paul André Fortin

Updated: Mar 4

The evolution of X artwork is compelling. It was Paul's first time drawing anime style characters, and each draft that he presented blew my mind. We would do regular brainstorming sessions over video calls from Ireland to Canada. I would upload ideas that I would prompt generate via Dall-E to Freeform and Paul would draw, "no no no this AI no no no, no clarity in the images" Paul ever the perfectionist. The brief that I gave to him at the beginning of 2023 was -- AI Model (virtual influencer) a goth girl, sullen and intelligent, 20years old, attractive, dark hair, blue eyes, similar to my niece. The images below are the initial X drafts. She blossomed into absolute perfection over the course of a few months...

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