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Love note: lyrics

Updated: Feb 16

I've been composing a choral composition, for an SATB choir. It is an arrangement of my quartet composition A Place Above the Clouds from Butterfly Wars. It is a sci-fi exploration in sleep to a place above the clouds. It's a love story...

Hope you like this behind-the-scenes work. ❤️ An exclusive share for Vals day. I can't wait to share more information about this choral project...

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️ from my heart to yours...

A Place Above the Clouds

Written by: Lou McMahon

Copyright © 2024 Lou McMahon

There's a place above the clouds

A lofty pillow made for dreamers


Up where the cosmos rains a liquid light

The tranquility of night

Lends to me

A tandem of souls

Twirling in to feel his warmth ignite in a cosmic ballet

Twirling twirling

Twirling to the rhythm of stars

Come take a shot we'll sway and dodge the blast

that embers out into a forest green glow


We pick star fruit and lay on blankets made of sky

Above the clouds


Out of the bluest blue

Light as air

Holding on real tight to his shirt


With care for the words he do be sayin'

Up in a sea of stars

Twirling in the glow and softness

Of pillow talk




Our words fall

Lovely you are

You're lovely

You are

Lovely as the stars

And I fell from bed

When he said I love you

Eyes opened

I had been glad to see you

So for now we must go sleeping

someones dreaming up ahead


The maids of the sky are from Venus

A blaze that may come between us


Into red spills hot as fire

Floating on dreams of desires

We twirl and hum

Into the sun

Exploding into our dreams

Escaping into the sun

Exploding into our dreams

Escaping into the sun

Stars don't break they bleed like hearts

And heal in dreams

And wake


Exploding into the day

And off with the dark

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