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Solo Piano Works (contemporary, minimalism, improvisation)

Album: Nora Ephron's Soul for the Sleepless (2023)

Album: Under Saties Brolly (2024)

Songs (Folk-rock, arthouse, indie...)

EP: "Delicate Dancer" (2010)

Single: "Sacrifice" (2014)

Single: "Into the Wild" (2015)

Single: "Sabai" (Reimagined 2021)

Single: "Wide Eyed Lady" (Remastered 2020)

Single: "Sabai" (Remastered 2023)

Single: "Mysteria" (2024)

Butterfly Wars (Classical, video game music, singer-songwriter, string quartet, contemporary works, concept art)

Album: Butterfly Wars (2023)

Choral SATB: A Place Above the Clouds (in development)

Solo trombone, guest performer Alex Iles (in development)

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