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About This Show

Butterfly Wars is a groundbreaking concept album and live show that merges contemporary classical instrumentals with singer-songwriter melodies, all inspired by video game aesthetics. This chamber music experience offers a gothic delight and evocative performance.

Set against a backdrop of imaginative, game-inspired scenarios, Butterfly Wars brings its narrative to life through string quartet melodies, and songs that underscore contemporary dance. The protagonist, X, depicted above. It is a work of abstraction.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Fusion: Experience a unique blend of contemporary classical music and singer-songwriter melodies.

  • Gothic and Evocative: Enjoy a live performance filled with gothic charm and emotional depth.

  • Game-Inspired Scenarios: Immerse yourself in imaginative narratives reminiscent of your favorite video games, brought to the stage in the form of contemporary dance.

  • Live Debut and International Acclaim: Premiered on Blue of the Night on RTÉ Lyric FM, featured on A World In London and RTVS, and debuted live in Berlin at Zeitgeist Irland 24. The album was even put forward for a WMCE position by DJ Ritu MBE and renowned broadcasters.

  • Upcoming Performances: Preparing for a showcase at the National Concert Hall in the autumn.

About the Creator:

Butterfly Wars is the brainchild of composer Lou McMahon. 

Gallery and Updates:

Scroll through our subpages to view photos of our live show in Germany and stay updated on the developments for our upcoming Dublin showcase via the blog... things are getting a little darker...

"Whether you consider this chamber suite, recorded mostly by a string quartet to be a pleasant alternative to the frenetic pace of most computer games, or rather an instrumental intro and outro to a magnificent song, author Lou McMahon can be very proud of her latest work: Vladimir Potančok, Radio_FM, RTVS (Radio and television of Slovakia)

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