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Terry Woods and Lou McMahon LIVE @Glór Irish Music Centre

Photograph by Pip Sheridan Sides

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate closely with Terry Woods on our folk projects. Terry isn't just an exceptionally talented musician; he is also a cherished friend whose presence infuses joy and warmth into every note we play together. His diverse array of instruments adds layers of depth and richness to my songs, making each piece a true masterpiece of collaboration and creativity. And of course, there's the wealth of experience he brings, having been a member of legendary bands such as The Pogues, Sweeney's Men, and Steeleye Span, as well as collaborations with Phil Lynott and much more.

And you know, it's been quite the journey... our recordings have garnered some lovely recognition with airplays and placements. I'm deeply grateful to ARC Music for acknowledging the beauty of our work, particularly by featuring "Wide Eyed Lady" on the Ultimate Guide to Irish Folk album in 2014. Being included in the Naxos library as a composer at the time was a significant milestone for me, and we're still trucking...

The creative process in the studio is simply energy; we're musically aligned, and there's rarely a need for discussion. We just play, and everything falls into place organically, musically... it's nice that we head off in differing musical directions too and can return to base.

This journey being able to call Terry up to contribute so soulfully to my recordings has been nothing short of magical, and I eagerly anticipate the many more beautiful moments we'll share in our musical endeavours. The folk journey isn't over. There's new folk in the works, new recordings, for which the phone calls and sessions will be happening! and it's not bound to a time frame.

Ultimate Guide to Irish Folk

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